Wednesday, November 9, 2011

High School Invitational

We hosted this fall's High School Invitational this past October-November 5th! We had high schools from all over northern Illinois participate in this exhibition. The following people won special recognition for their pieces!

We are so STOKED!
Our juror for our High School Invitational, Miss. Christina Gregor, chose the award winning pieces for the show the show! Awards are as follows:
Congratulations to the winners of our High School Invitational!

First Place: Jessica Thompson’s ‘Thrill Ride’! image

Second Place: Jamie Wyatt’s ‘Something New’ image

Third Place: Ryan Widmer’s ‘Untitled’ image

Jurors Choice: Dylan Clark’s ‘Mary Poppins’ image

Honorable Mention: Kathy Tae’s Lost image

Honorable Mention: Delanie Olson’s ‘Bubble Pop Electric’


Honorable Mention: Jamie Gray's 'Untitled'

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