Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moving on,

We would like to thank ARTlab and Guerra de la Paz for HOME, and what proved to be a provocative, engaging experience for us and all our visitors. After today, there is one day left to come see the exhibit; the materials of which will never again exist in their current order.


Beginning this weekend, we will be preparing for this year's Ars Nova juried exhibition. Details on student submission will be released shortly.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reading and Napping, delightful

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Macintosh HD:Users:karenbrown:Desktop:ARTLab at HOME in the Olson Gallery birthday:images.jpeg


atHOMEin the Olson Gallery

M-Th 10 - 4 Friday 10 - noon


pssst! NASAD got you all worn out?

drop in for a snooze

in the Designated Nap Area

at HOME in the Olson Gallery

naptime: M-Th: 10 – 4 F: 10 – noon

byo pillow and blankie


Events Galore in the Olson Gallery


aValentine forAlison Knowles

Wednesday 17 March 2010

You are invited to Make a Salad:



Arrive at the Olson Gallery promptly at 10:45AM

(having washed your hands well before entering the gallery)

Bring with you: one fresh head of lettuce, washed; and one fresh raw red, orange, yellow, green or purple vegetable

Each participant will chop one head of lettuce and one vegetable wipe the chopping area clean, and yield to the next participant.

Chopping & Whisking will commence at 11:00 AM

The chopping will take place on the worktable at HOME in the Olson Gallery.

Mozart for cello and violin will be played through an iPod and speakers.


RSVPto Karen Brown at kbrown@niu.edu, if you would like to participate in this iconic Fluxus performance score, or please sign up in the Olson Gallery.


Thursday, March 4, 2010


After a couple weeks of messy in the gallery, the impressive (I must say) collaboration between ART Lab and Guerra de la Paz is finally presentable and has been for a week. Please come down to the gallery and gander about in the space. The repurposing of what was essentially garbage is really quite clever. You might find that you want to take some of this refuse back home with you...but too bad you can't.

Opening reception, a lot of people!

from within the house.

from the "bed".