Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Events Galore in the Olson Gallery


aValentine forAlison Knowles

Wednesday 17 March 2010

You are invited to Make a Salad:



Arrive at the Olson Gallery promptly at 10:45AM

(having washed your hands well before entering the gallery)

Bring with you: one fresh head of lettuce, washed; and one fresh raw red, orange, yellow, green or purple vegetable

Each participant will chop one head of lettuce and one vegetable wipe the chopping area clean, and yield to the next participant.

Chopping & Whisking will commence at 11:00 AM

The chopping will take place on the worktable at HOME in the Olson Gallery.

Mozart for cello and violin will be played through an iPod and speakers.


RSVPto Karen Brown at kbrown@niu.edu, if you would like to participate in this iconic Fluxus performance score, or please sign up in the Olson Gallery.


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