Friday, April 5, 2013

Annual Juried BlickArt Materials Ars Nova Exhibition Selections and Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the students whose work was selected to be a part of this years Annual Juried BlickArt Materials Ars Nova Exhibition.

Jeff Boedon
Otter Portrait

Lauren McKee
Finding Class

Tim Ashton

Anthony Grana
Teresa's Teapot

Christine Wilson
Look Alive

Karen McKenny
Help! I'm Alive

A. Spinney
Lemming See Lemming Do

Laura Colby
Visual Dissection

Ryan Burns
Get Back Up

Anna Miller
Coffin or Cocoon

Chris Fedak
My Mother Your Mother My Mother

Luis Sahagun
EST 230 MD-1

Allen Moore

Maria Dimanshtein
Winter Came. I am Alone.

Jessie Knirsch

Mary Hintzen 
Self Portrait

Brandon Barber
Domestic Confabulation

Samantha Haring

Jared Vojik
For the Love of it (Spreading our Seed)

Erin Nolan
Coy Pond

Wes Beeler
Procrastinating Habit

Award Winners
Juan Moline 
The Watering Thing
First Place Freshman/Sophomore

Chris Wiedmaier
Lazy Crane
First Place Junior

Ben Christianson
QR Code
Second Place Junior

Elyse Sawka
Consumer Made
First Place Senior

Paul Madsen
It Takes Ball to Say it
Second Place Senior

Karen Murphy
Untitled 1
First Place Graduate

Agnes Ma
Seed Dispersal: Kabocha Squash
Second Place Graduate

Sara Willadsen
Folding In
Juror's Choice

John Scarlato
Uprising in Cairo
Best in Show